Increase in well-being results in more energy, encourage individual performances and encourage the overall happiness of families.


Increase in local employment provide families more opportunities to make unforgettable moments as a family together. 


Increase in sustainability results in more commitment, loyalty and support of the local community and maximise social impact.  

Urban development

Increase in both well-being, employment and sustainability will create more investment opportunities for further development of the area.





 “It started with some small training exercises for children and we had no idea how much impact such a thing could have within a community. That’s why we empower the importance of sport for community development. We are convinced that the FUTURBAN concept does encourage sustainable growth of communities”.  


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“We are happy with the programs for our children and the possibility to get involved as a family together”

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“We were in a divorce, but since we see our children smiling again we decided to stay together as a family”

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“Our little girl struggled with her self-esteem. Today she is playing in a professional women’s soccer team. The programs have helped her to gain motivation, self-esteem and self-awareness”

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“I always had the feeling I did not belong to something, but now I feel myself a part of a team”

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“I lived on the street and now I have a job, a house and a new purpose in my life”

Make Your Own Opportunities

“When you step out on that field everyone is equal. They might be more talented than you are, but if you are willing to show more heart you can stand out and make them remember who you are. Join us today!” 

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