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In any neighbourhood it should be possible for everyone to have access to sport. Just play and have fun, regardless your gender, background or financial situation. That is our mission!

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About Our Foundation


Our mission is simple: Access to sports for everyone, regardless your background, religion, gender or financial position.


Too often people do not join activities for financial reasons or simply believe they do not belong there. We believe we can make a sustainable change with our programs and applications.


We connect with local operating businesses and foundations to increase the impact locally. Together we can make sure that anyone gets in a position to join sport activities nearby home and work.


Get more people, to move more is the overall goal of AveCatorce. The foundation is there to support families and communities to start and join programs in areas, where there is a lack of financial funding.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

The Covid-19 worldwide crisis did have an enormous impact on all our activities. In all countries we were prohibited to organize local (sport) group activities. On the contrary the crisis has demonstrated the need and importance of our health-being. Especially people with lower-income got more affected during the lockdowns.

Happening Now


Increase in occupancy rate

Football Courts in use

Families involved



The AveCatorce foundation receives a % of income from AveCatorce B.V. The foundation uses the income to start new activities in areas which have a lack of sport programs in the neighbourhood and support families who do not have the finances to let their children participate.


Alcanzar is a local operating corporation in Bogota, Colombia. It encourages the development of children through Football. We have supported the organization with football equipment and a bus, so they were able to safely transport children to the field and local tournaments.


FCC is a social company that works on the socio-emotional education of boys, girls and young people, using football as a pedagogical tool. We have supported the organization with financial models to raise more funding from investors.

Football Fields

We have accomplished to build 24 football field in Bogota, Colombia with local organizations. Each football field make use of the AveMove platform to increase the occupancy rate.


In Bogota, Colombia they build shopping malls as safe places for families to spend their days. We currently work on a program to include football fields within the commercial shopping centers.


Together with SME we have successfully launched some projects f.e. 5.000 teddybears for children in poor areas. In the future we would like to expand this with an own merchandise line.

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$7,238 Raised


Currently there are no active campaigns due the impact of the Covid-19 crisis. Before the Covid-19 crisis we have held a few events to raise funding out of donations. The destination of how the money is spend, is reported under projects.

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P.S. van Vliet – Board Member

Mr. van Vliet is the founder of the social enterprise AveCatorce and started to build-up the sport for development organization within South America.   More Details

R. Rolink – Board Member

Mr. Rolink is an investor in real estate and supports the foundation with his connections in social enterprises and local governments.   More Details

N. Molenaar – Board Member

Mr. Molenaar has 20-years of experiences as a CEO of well-known company and supports the foundation with his network.   More Details

FCC is a social company that works on the socio-emotional education of young people, using football as a pedagogical tool. With the support of AveCatorce we have grown in recent years in Barranquila, Colombia.

Carolina Mendoza


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